Pluff Study Seeks Participants!

Social Motivation Adaptive Reality Treatment Games (SMART-Games) is a research project for improving social competence in children.

We invite your child to help us test an innovative game and game controller designed for children ages 6-12.

Your child’s participation is requested for a play session that will last 30-60 minutes at USC’s Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab in Los Angeles, CA.

As a token of our appreciation, your family will receive a gift certificate for $15 from a major retailer. Parking can be made available at no cost.

Your participation is voluntary and any information collected during the study will be kept confidential.

The study is collaboration between USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and UCLA’s Center for Autism Research and Treatments.

If you are interested, please email:


Hello everyone!  Just a couple quick updates for now:

Pluff will be featured in the August 24 issue of GEE Magazine.  We’ll try to get an English translated version posted here for anyone who doesn’t read German.

Beginning this fall, Pluff will be adapted for children with autism spectrum disorders.  A team from USC, UCLA, and Vanderbilt will start with a small pilot study, and then move into a larger project to develop ASD-specific games using the Pluff controller.  We’ll update periodically as the study progresses.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Pluff @ E3

Pluff was recently exhibited, along with many other fine indie games, at this year’s E3 Indiecade booth.  Loads of people popped in to see the demo and play with Pluff.  We were very excited to get to show him to so many interested folks!  Have a look at Pluff’s Flickr feed on the right for pictures from the event, or head on over to the Press page to see what the media had to say.

Extra special extreme thanks to Indiecade for hosting us!

Pluff hangs out with the crowds at E3

Oh man, rebuild!

Check it out! Pluff’s got himself a nicely revamped website, thanks to Word Press and the fine folks at BytesForAll.  We’ll be posting updates on Pluff’s progress as a prototype and game, as well as news articles, photos, video, all kinds of lovely content.  Thanks for popping in, and welcome!